About Faratarh Steel Co

Faratarh Steel started its activity in 1376 in the field of steel trade and from the beginning it has put supply of steel products as its main mission,by considering engineering standards and the technical quality of steel products. Accordingly, over the course of past twenty years, the company has gained valuable experience for Faratarh Steel’s brand, and by relying on that, Faratarh Steel has been able to step forward to new ventures

Faratarh Steel has always set the principle of generating and maintaining a win-win-win relationship for (customer-company-community) at the top of all its activities, and this subject has been the main goal of all the decisions and plans for the company, always considering the three criteria of cost, quality and time in all projects Throughout the years, being a pioneer and at the same time keeping sustainability during the constant market fluctuations has been the other two basic principles contributing to the brand’s success. In addition, a correct and timely understanding of customer needs and continuity in cooperation with the most reputable international and domestic manufacturers has led to the fact that Faratarh Steel has always been successful to address customer expectations.


Development of sales, technical-engineering and R&D departments have been other activities of the company throughout the years, and so far, Faratarh Steel’s status has been among the largest companies that provide steel products in the country.


  • 1997 Establishment of Faratarh Steel Company

    Establishment of Faratarh Steel Company

  • 2003 Registration of Faratarh Steel

    Registration of Faratarh Steel

  • 2004 Start Importing

    Start Importing

  • 2007 Obtaining HYUNDAI STEEL dealership

    Obtaining HYUNDAI STEEL dealership

  • 2009 Start trading in A516

    Start trading in A516

  • 2016 Obtaining NIPPON STEEL dealership

    Obtaining NIPPON STEEL dealership

  • 2017 Start trading in steel sheets

    Start trading in steel sheets

  • 2018 Start trading in galvanized sheets

    Start trading in galvanized sheets

  • 2019 Start trading in Rebars

    Start trading in Rebars

Faratarh Steel Management

Mohammad Doaei Oskouei | CEO and member of the board of directors
Mohammad Doaei Oskouei
CEO and member of the board of directors
Hamed Shafieha | Chairman of the Board
Hamed Shafieha
Chairman of the Board
Hossein Arbabi Vahdat | Vice Chairman of the Board
Hossein Arbabi Vahdat
Vice Chairman of the Board

Company Values

Faratarh Steel, like any other reputable organization, has put a set of company values at the top of its activities in order to achieve the company’s goals, so that in addition to achieving the company's vision, the organization could be able to maintain its credibility and consolidate the company's brand and position as a forerunner company, smart, and reliable, before customers and business partners. The following values are designated through recognizing the market, valuable experiences, consumer needs, the importance of ethical principles, and ultimately having a forward-looking and innovative perspective:


To become one of the top 100 Iranian companies by 2030

Our mission

To create and to expand the widest and the most diverse steel purchase and distribution network by considering the three factors of price, quality and time with the aim of creating a win-win-win relationship for customer-company-community and maintaining its sustainability

Advantages at a glance

Why “You are always a winner” with Faratarh Steel

The win-win-win relationship (customer-company-community) has always been considered as an ultimate principle in Faratarh Steel; so that, the slogan of "You are always a winner!" is the cornerstone of all the company's activities. We have provided the following actions and prerequisites to achieve this slogan:

Ethical codes

Ethical principles that embedded the values of the company will determine the company's leadership style and policy more than being derived from the experiences and social values of the company. Based on this, Faratarh Steel has selected 4 very important ethical pillars as the basic principles of the company:

  1. 1. Discipline 2. Respect 3. Honesty 4. Security



  • Punctuality and taking care of the time of yourself and your colleagues by attending at work and in meetings on time
  • Observing health principles and safety to taking care of the health of yourself and others
  • Effective and efficient use of facilities, equipment, and company’s assets and protecting them
  • Dress code: includes appearance, clothing, and work environment


  • Accepting criticism
  • Courage and determination in behavior and decision making with respect to the company’s hierarchy
  • Fair, respectful, and non-discriminatory behavior with all colleagues, regardless of race, religion, color, or gender
  • Respect to creativity and personal and professional development of colleagues in a cooperative atmosphere


  • Keeping the commitments and standing to loyalty in all circumstances
  • Transferring the knowledge and information to the less-exprienced and your replacements completely
  • Using the company's resources merely to advance the company's goals


  • Keeping confidentiality and protecting all information of colleagues, customers, and the company, even after termination of their cooperation
  • Timely notification to the managers in case of observing any wrongdoings and corruption