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Faratarh Steel is a prominent supplier of steel, including Iranian-made products and also various steel grades and products by major steel mills from across the world. The company has exported a group of products such as reinforcement bars, I-beams and H-beams, channels, hot-rolled plates, direct-reduced iron (DRI) and other products to more than 10 countries to this date. Speed and quality of our services to customers is always an imperative value to our team.

We are able to offer steel products with highest quality and different standards based on our customers’ needs.

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Being a business partner with some of the greatest steel companies from around the world for more than two decades, Fara Tarh Steel has managed to build a vast network on international level and has excelled as a leading supplier of steel products both in Iran and abroad.
Fara Tarh Steel has supplied a great set of steel products and grades into the Iranian market, including I-beams and H-beams, hot-rolled and cold-rolled coils and sheets, stainless steel, seamless pipes and tubes, abrasion-resistant plates and many others.
Fara Tarh Steel has also exported many Iranian-made iron and steel products, including reinforcement bars, beams, channels, angles, hot-rolled plate, DRI and many other products.

Why Choose Us


We have chosen to respond the needs of our customers in shortest possible time and that has been a key element in our customers’ confidence in us.


Consisted of highly skilled and specialized people, our team can understand our customers’ priorities and concerns, which can give us the proper insight into every potential and ongoing business relationship.


Our win-win mindset which is an integral part of every decision or action in the company, obliges us to consider the interest of our customers and business partners.


The vast network of business partners which is the result of our long years of presence in domestic and global markets, provides us with the best business opportunities, which in turn, are always offered to our customers.

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