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About Faratarh Steel Co

Faratarh Steel started its activity in 1376 in the field of steel trade and from the beginning it has put supply of steel products as its main mission,by considering engineering standards and the technical quality of steel products. Accordingly, over the course of past twenty years, the company has gained valuable experience for Faratarh Steel’s brand, and by relying on that, Faratarh Steel has been able to step forward to new ventures

Faratarh Steel has always set the principle of generating and maintaining a win-win-win relationship for (customer-company-community) at the top of all its activities, and this subject has been the main goal of all the decisions and plans for the company, always considering the three criteria of cost, quality and time in all projects Throughout the years, being a pioneer and at the same time keeping sustainability during the constant market fluctuations has been the other two basic principles contributing to the brand’s success. In addition, a correct and timely understanding of customer needs and continuity in cooperation with the most reputable international and domestic manufacturers has led to the fact that Faratarh Steel has always been successful to address customer expectations.


Development of sales, technical-engineering and R&D departments have been other activities of the company throughout the years, and so far, Faratarh Steel’s status has been among the largest companies that provide steel products in the country.